Rishikesh chambers

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had built 121 meditation huts in his Ashram in Rishikesh so that Sadhus could reside, do their spiritual practices and take their meals. 
These buildings are post-Beatles' memorable stay - which made this Ashram world famous in February 1968 when the Fab four went there to deepen their experience of Transcendental Meditation practice.
In the nineties the lease of the Ashram was not renewed by the Rajaji National Park and Uttarakhand Forest Department authorities.
According to ancient Vastu principles, the location of the Ashram is not considered auspicious. Vastu shastras states that one should build on an Eastern slope with unobstructed view of sunrise and that the river should be on the Eastern or Northern side.
New Maharishi Ashrams are now in auspicious Vastu locations on the Ganges, near Allahabad, in Uttarakashi and at the Brahmastan of India (geographical center) of India Madhya Pradesh.
Date 20016  
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